The Power of Marriage


Together Forever – United as One

When two people come together in the sacred ceremony of marriage, it is a commitment to join together and be each other’s greatest love, best friend, partner in life, parents and so much more. Marriage is two people coming together to share their lives as one.

The individual no longer exists, it’s the union of the two that¬†replaces the individuals. When life is great, it’s often because your significant other has your back, when things get rough, it’s your spouse that stands by your side to walk with you through the troubled times.

The Power of Marriage is in the merging of two people as one. Joyce and I are blessed to have found each other after losing touch for so many years. As teenagers, we knew each other. We had similar friends but didn’t really get to know each other. Our lives lead us in different directions and throughout the years, we would sometimes cross paths but didn’t really reconnect until that one moment when we found each other as most old friends do, on facebook. After reconnecting, we found ourselves actually connecting and getting closer. ¬†As they say, one thing lead to another and here we are, getting married in less than two months.

I thank God for bringing us together and I promise to worship, cherish, love and respect Joyce for all of my days.

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